Plastic has flooded our daily life. In just a few decades it has become ubiquitous in all kinds of objects and materials due to its characteristics and low price.

Like its production, the increase in plastic waste has increased dramatically. As a consequence of poor waste management or its abandonment, about 8 million tons of plastics end up in the seas and oceans annually, forming 60-80% of marine litter, mostly in the form of microplastics (lower fragments at 5 mm).

The exact amount of plastics in the seas is unknown, but an estimated 5-50 billion pieces of plastic are estimated, not including pieces on the seabed or on beaches. It is a global problem that is increasing alarmingly.

The "SAVE THE MERMAID" collection wants to give greater visibility to the amount of plastic waste in the sea today, which not only affects marine species, but also all living beings on the planet. We were all mermaids once playing cross-legged in the water, let's take care of our home.


When we dispose of a plastic it can end up in a landfill, be incinerated or recycled. But some end up in waterways and oceans through water drainage systems in urban areas, from water flowing through landfills, deliberate dumping of garbage, abandoned waste, accidental dumping from ships or through effluents from treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants.

80% of marine waste comes from land, while the remaining 20% comes from maritime activity.

Pigs&Roses wants to transmit a message of love for our nature to the new generations, but also to actively collaborate with each of the different causes with its campaigns. We donate 2% of the profit of the SAVE THE MERMAIDS collection to WWF for the cleaning of the oceans.


On the one hand, the plastic pieces have a direct impact on marine life: entanglement, suffocation, strangulation or malnutrition after being ingested.

On the other hand, microplastics (fragments smaller tan

5 mm) can be ingested by marine fauna, including plankton, crustaceans and fish, and can cause problems, both due to their physical presence and because of the chemical pollutants they carry. . They can even be passed along the food chain until it reaches our plates.

The implications for human health are unknown as there are many knowledge gaps.


In order to curb plastic pollution in the oceans, it is essential to take action at the point of origin of the waste. It is necessary to reduce its production and ensure its recycling.

Tips to reduce plastic consumption

  • Avoid buying water in plastic bottles. The best option would be to drink filtered tap water.
  • Forget the plastic straws.
  • Fall in love with reusable bags.
  • Avoid frozen foods in supermarkets. They are unnecessary packaging.
  • Get the gum out of your life. Most of today's chewing gums contain plastic in their composition.
  • Buy products packaged in cardboard or glass. Whenever you have a choice, say no to plastic packaging - both glass and cardboard are easier to recycle and, if improperly disposed of, take less time to decompose and above all, are much less harmful to the environment.
  • Replace plastic lunch boxes with glass or stainless steel containers.
  • Limit foods in plastic containers. Avoid, or at least limit, products in plastic containers. Some packages, especially in the promotion of cookies and snacks in general, contain mixed plastics that are not recyclable. Check the packaging to check its recyclability and choose paper, cardboard or glass containers.
  • Buy products in bulk. Bring your own reusable bags or jars.
  • Don't use coffee pods. Use the coffee maker of a lifetime!
  • Avoid disposable products.
  • Don't use plastic wrap.
  • Use wooden, bamboo, or stainless steel cookware.
  • Use wooden clothespins.
  • Make juices at home.
  • Do it yourself. We know that lack of time does not allow us to do what we can safely do. But, when we can, when we have time, instead of watching TV or even checking the news on Instagram, why not make a cake, a homemade soap, take care of your urban garden? Manual activity is a great relaxation exercise for your head...

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